For over two decades, my life has revolved around the guitar.  I have been fortunate enough to make my living playing shows, recording music, and teaching lessons.  My goal is to share with you all of my various musical projects, as well as my teaching methods and tips.


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With the release of his first album "Heath Bartley's Mission", fans and critics alike were comparing his fiery guitar work to legends such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai.  While these comparisons were both valid and well-deserved, Heath manages to cultivate a soundscape all his own.   From notable session work, to popular live bands, and more original music projects (including the highly acclaimed, "Demanding Truth"), Heath continues to grow and expand as an artist, all the while never losing sight of those who'd initially inspired him.

Shockingly, Heath had not even touched a guitar until the month before his 16th birthday.  Although he had dreamt about playing for as long as he could remember, marvelling at the likes of Eddie Van Halen, Vito Bratta, and many other great 80's rock guitar players, it wasn't until he was first introduced to Yngwie Malmsteen's playing that his future became clear.  Remarkably, Heath's first album, "Heath Bartley's Mission" was released at the age of 21.  And with only five years of guitar playing experience, he was already being heralded as the type of virtuoso that belonged in the same category as his earliest influences...quite an achievement by any standard.

In the years to follow, he would travel wherever the musical opportunities would take him.  From the tip-top of Maine to Los Angeles, California, and many stops in between, Heath continued to study and evolve into the versatile player we know today.  Eventually, as a sought-after guitar instructor and frequent live performer, Heath found himself comfortably back near his small hometown, where technology now allows him to share his music with the entire world...with just the click of a button!

Now, more than fifteen years since that first release, he is out to prove that he still has plenty left to say...and sing!  With a lyrical story to tell, Heath has added his sincere vocals to the incredible lineup of jaw-dropping musical performers that we've come to expect from one of his projects.  When all is said and done, "Multiple Musicality Disorder" will no doubt be viewed as well worth the wait.

- by Angel Koch -

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I've been so incredibly fortunate to have met, befriended, learned from, and collaborated with some of the most truly gifted people on this planet.  Please check out their inspiring works and show them the same kind of support you've so graciously shown me.  Thank you!

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